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Studio is licenced under an Open Source licence known as the LGPL.

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Release date 9/2007


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What can Studio do for you?

One barrier to the uptake of Geocomputation and Geovisualization is there is no system or toolbox that provides easy access to useful functionality. GeoVISTA Studio provides rapid, programming free development of complex applications for:

  • data exploration
  • knowledge construction
  • geocomputation
  • visualization

Studio Includes Interactive Query Devices for Exploratory GeoVisualization, 3D Render for complex and sophisticated 3D graphics, 2D mapping and statistical tools.

Studio provides a

1. Visual Programming-Free Environment for rapid development.

2. Component-Oriented Programming: uses JavaBeans as programming components. Any JavaBeans (developed by 3rd parties) can be plugged in!

3. Recursive Development turns a developed application into a JavaBean component. Developed components (applications) are reusable (scalable), and developed components can be shared by other Studio users and/or java programmers.


JBeanStudio Project