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Studio is licenced under an Open Source licence known as the LGPL.

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Release date 9/2007


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GeoVISTA Studio - User List

These are examples of applications we've created using GeoVISTA Studio in support of our research efforts with cancer data. We encourage you to try building and using our tools. Your feedback to us is extremely valuable and we're always interested in new ideas and potential modifications.

Want to know how to import your own data into GeoVISTA Studio? Use our new step-by-step guide.

New! Video examples using these tools are available here.

ESTAT - The Exploratory Spatio-Temporal Analysis Toolkit

How to assemble ESTAT Using GeoVISTA Studio


Sample Dataset for ESTAT

Data Mining - Interactive Feature Selection and Cluster Analysis

Data Mining in GeoVISTA Studio

Sample Dataset for Data Mining

Matrices - Multiform Linked Scatterplot and Bivariate Map Matrices

How to assemble Matrices using GeoVISTA Studio

Using Matrices

Sample Dataset for Matrices

JBeanStudio Project