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Studio is licenced under an Open Source licence known as the LGPL.

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Release date 9/2007


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GeoVISTA Studio - Examples

NOTE: The JAR archive file listed on this page does not contain Sun's JAXP (XML parsing API). So, if you download the JAR file, HTML file and/or BAT/SH file to run an applet or an application on your local machine, you probably have to install JAXP v1.1 on your machine. JAXP is available from here. If you are running the applet off our server, you don't need to install JAXP.

Studio Design

Glyph Demo1:

This demo uses the bean that creates a synthetic standig wave surface and places glyphs at each grid on the surface. It uses a sphere as a glyph source. You can control the location, size, color of each glyph using the slider bar. If you don't see anything, try hitting the "eye" button, which brinds an object to the center of your view.




JBeanStudio Project